In Universe Attributes
Anchor Rock Light

Roll Light



Lan Hikari

Hub Hikari (Lan's Co-Anchor)

(further Anchors not yet online)

Admin Hephaestus
Special Attributes Highly glitchy
Real World Information

The Megaverse is a sprawling branch of Yggdrasil comprised of no less than seven distinct sections spread across two major timelines. Due to being the closest (known) branch to the initial event that necessitated the Loops in the first place, it is among the most highly damaged realities in the multiverse. As a result, numerous glitches, bugs, and other unpleasantness remain despite the fact that it is finally online.

The Megaverse was also at ground zero of 'The Crash' immediately preceding the activation of the first section (the Classic Mega Man Loops). At current, the other sections remain offline while the assigned admin, Hephaestus, works to get them running.

Section 1 ('Mega City ')Edit

Mega City

A lovely day in the year 20XX.

Anchored by Rock and Roll Light, Mega City is the metropolis that usually gets stuck right in the middle of the conflict between Doctors Thomas Light and Albert Wily, it is quite possibly the center of the robot revolution impacting the entirety of the world, leading to many who both oppose and support the new way of things to rally in.

This section of the Megaverse has a fairly close relationship with the Sonicverse due to having a baseline crossover with it.

Section 2 ('Arcadia/Abel City')Edit

Abel City

A not-so-lovely day in the year 21XX.

Anchored by X, this city houses the headquarters of the Maverick Hunters, a squad dedicated to neutralizing out-of-control machines that are a danger to humans or society in general. The primary driving force of conflict in this era is the Maverick Virus controlled by Sigma, but there are plenty of other forces at work as well.

Section 3 ('Neo Arcadia')Edit

Neo Arcadia

Debate ensues on Utopia vs Dystopia.

Anchored by Zero, this far-flung future is long past the Maverick Wars and even the following Elf Wars, but conflict lurks deep beneath the seemingly idyllic exterior created by the actions of X. The conflict is driven by the seemingly immortal human madman Dr. Weil and his views that all mechanical lifeforms are meant to serve humans (or rather, him). To this end he had supplanted X with a replica and is working tirelessly behind the scenes sowing misery as events progress, using the myriad life-extension apparatuses he's dependent on to play a very long game indeed.

Section 4 ('DenTech City')Edit


When in scenic DenTech City, be sure to visit SciLab!

Anchored by Lan Hikari (with his twin brother and NetNavi Hub Hikari as soul-bound Co-Anchor), this timeline enjoys a highly advanced net society rather than the highly advanced robotics of the Classic era. However, between the disgraced roboticist Lord Wily, the unrepentantly evil Dr. Regal, and numerous powerful and uncontrollable cyber-entities, there's no shortage of world-saving to be done here either.

Section 5 and onwardsEdit

Further sections have not been activated at this time.

Relevant PagesEdit

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