Oshawott is a human-turned-Pokémon who leads a group of Pokémon from a location known as Paradise. He is the Anchor of the Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity Loops. His greatest foe in a given Loop will most often be the Bittercold.

Oshawott is abnormal even among the Mystery Dungeon humans-turned-Pokémon. Unlike Squirtle and Piplup, he might remember his life before the Loops beginning, though if he does, he does not treat it as terribly important. Also of note is the fact that he can return to the Human World if he wants or needs to near the end of the Loop, at will.

Personality & AbilitiesEdit

Oshawott is strange. There is not much of anything that can get around this fact. While we don't know much about his life, it might be that he was aware of Pokémon before the Loops began through a Media file back up. This might help explain his behavior as Oshawott is quick to recognize situations that look like tropes or otherwise use and abuse narrative causality for his (and his team's) own benefit.

  • Subspace Pocket
  • Water Type attacks
  • Extreme Determination, the entire reason he was able to succeed in defeating the Bittercold.

Relationships Edit

  • Pikachu (Gates to Infinity): She is Oshawott's partner and co-founder of Paradise. She often has to be his voice of reason and restraint when he goes too far.
  • Chimchar (Explorers): Oshawott explained the Loops to the Explorer's Anchor, when he and Piplup exchanged places.
  • Loopers in general: It is quite easy to be unnerved by Oshawott's almost casual discussion of tropes, especially for newer Loopers. However, he is more often than not right and because he is able to recognize the situation early, he is often prepared to deal with whatever happens.
  • Dio Brando: It has been implied that the MLE once looped into the Gates realm. No one is quite sure what happened, but the experience seemed to leave Oshawott shaken for many Loops afterwards.

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