The 4.14 Pokemon loops are the originating loop for Ash's Infernape, though this would be only revealed later. It also features Pikachu's first meeting with Dio Brando.

Summary Edit

Arriving at Mt. Coronet to foil Team Galactic as in baseline, though with Charizard in toe and a fully evolved Infernape, Pikachu and Charizard find themselves in a far worse situation than expected when they discover Team Galactic already defeated, and a MLE on the loose.

Ash and Charizard are quickly killed, leaving Pikachu alone to face Dio Brando. Despite his strength, the match quickly falls into Dio's favor, until Pikachu's backup plan kicks in, leading to Infernape killing Dio with the Red Chain and taking his stand for himself.

Awake Loopers Edit

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