Universe Megaverse
Status Looper
Special Abilities Mega Buster


Variable Weapon System

Copy Chip

Beam Saber

Future Tech

Quint is a mysterious being from the Mega Man Branch. Apparently allied with Dr. Wily, he resembles a twisted future version of Mega Man himself. In the Loops, he frequently also fulfills the roll of Mega Man Shadow who may or may not have been the same person in the baseline.


Dressed in an olive green outfit, Quint's face is obscured by a helmet similar to that of Break Man's, complete with blue shades and a crescent horn-like crest. In terms of build, he otherwise resembles Mega Man. He is almost never seen without the strange red jackhammer-like entity, Sakugarne, known to some as 'the pogo-stick from Hell'.


Quint's overall presence in his Loop's baseline is minimal, his most major appearance being to confront his apparent past-self briefly. Should he escape back to the future, he returns later in the Loop leading his own army of Robot Masters known as the Dimensions.

In the Loops, Quint appears on occasion as an impediment to Rock and Roll Light as they fight, on occasion alongside Waltz. In the Mega Man Branch's activation Loop, Quint bisected Waltz with a buster-generated beam saber, outright killing her, as recompense for the woman's insanity in the Loop. However, Waltz returned from this and repaid her brother in kind.

In a later Fused Loop, Quint was created by Dr. Wily as an amalgamation of Dr. Light's and Dr. Wily's most successful creations, and joined in the fight against the Mephiles and Iblis entities, working alongside the time-traveler Silver the Hedgehog in this effort. His mission would later be retconned (due to the typical in-Loop erasure of Mephiles and Iblis) to hunting down Eggman Nega with Silver. Though he perished in the final battle against Eggman Nega, Quint was activated as a looper who remembered his life with Silver.


  • Mega Man: Quint has an odd relationship with the blue bomber in that there is a possibility, in the baseline, he was a future instance of Mega Man himself rather than a clone made from future technology. As Quint himself puts it, he was designed to have all of Mega Man's combat pragmatism with none of the blue bomber's inclination to be 'nice'.
  • Waltz: By technicality alone, Waltz is Quint's "sister" unit. However, there is no real love lost between the two, thanks to Waltz's general insanity. In several Loops, the two have come to blows, even killed one another.
  • Bass: Quint's "younger brother". The two have something of a respectful adversarial relationship when they meet.
  • Silver: Quint recalls his 'pre-activation' Loop with Silver fondly, and the two remain good friends and surrogate brothers.

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