Robin (♂ and ♀)
Robin(Male and female)
Universe Fire Emblem
Status Anchor
Special Abilities Master Swordsman

Master Spellcaster

Robin is the Anchor of the Fire Emblem loops. In baseline, Robin suffered from amnesia due to an attempted possession gone wrong. Robin is one of a few Loopers whose original gender was lost in the original event that started the Loops, as such, Robin Loops as a female, as often as a male.

Description Edit

Robin, in Baseline, always appears in his/her late teens to early twenties. His/her hair is always white, and Robin usually wears a black and white cloak, and carries a jagged sword. Even when the amnesia was present Robin has great knowledge of battling, as well as casting spells from tomes.

Abilities Edit

  • Swordsmanship: Robin is an expert swordsman, and is able to use almost any type of blade, but is usually seen wielding a Bronze Sword
  • Tomes: Robin is also well versed in the art of spell craft, and uses all matter of tomes in his/her spellcasting.

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