Ryuuko Matoi
Universe Kill La Kill
Status Anchor
Special Abilities Human-Life Fiber Hybrid

Enhanced Strength Enhanced Speed Healing Factor

Ryuuko Matoi is the anchor of the Kill la Kill reality. 


Ryuko is a tall, dark haired female with a red streak in her hair, which are actually life fiber strands. Her eyes are blue with odd, gear like shapes to them. She is generally seen wearing the dark Kamui Senketsu in either its regular state, seen in the image, or its transformed state (which is much skimpier and NSFW)


The anchor of one of Yggdrasil's more...bizarre loops, Ryuuko generally spends her loops dealing with her rather.....distrubed family with the aide of her bizarre friend Mako and her sentient Kamui sailor fuku Senketsu. She eventually began looping, spending most of her time stopping her mother's plans to destroy humanity, trying to get her sister to lay off the crazy social darwinism, and trying to deal with the crazyness that comes her way. 

Abilities Edit

Life Fiber Hybrid: Due to being experimented on by her mother at a young age, Ryuuko is a hybrid of human and life fiber, a race of parasitic aliens who reproduce by blowing up planets. This has left her with several impressive abilities, including enhanced speed, strength and a healing factor that can allow her to put her heart back inside her if someone removes it. Her abilities end up enhanced when she uses Senketsu to augment them. 

Swordsmanship: Ryuko is proficient in using Scissor Blades, developed by her father to destroy life fibers. 

Magic: Ryuko is shown to loop into Hogwarts on occasion, suggesting she has magical powers. 

Subspace Pocket: Ryuko, like other loopers, has a subspace pocket for storing items between loops. 


Senketsu: Created by her father to fight life fibers, Senketsu is one of Ryuko's best friends, despite being a sentient sailor uniform.

Mako: Ryuko's rather.....interesting friend. They get along, despite Mako's.....unique behavior, and following her Awakening they have begun dating.

Satsuki Kiryuin: Ryuko's sister, their relationship is complicated. While their looping selves get along rather well, a non looping Satsuki is rather difficult to deal with, and generally needs to be dealt with with a firm hand, and the scissor blade as a back up. 

Ragyo Kiryuin: Ryuko's mother, and one of the worst parents in the known multiverse. Ryuko makes a deliberate note to kill her at the first opportunity. As one can guess, the two do not get along that well.....

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