Shade the Echidna (Sonicverse)
Universe Sonicverse
Status Looper
Special Abilities Stealth

Martial Arts

Blade Skills

Demolitions Expert

Shade the Echidna was the youngest looper in the Sonicverse prior to The Crash. She is the sometimes-girlfriend of Knuckles the Echidna and a part-time member of the Chaotix.

Early Loop ActivityEdit

Shade has a few oddities about her looping status. For one, the events regarding the Nocturnus Clan she is a member of in her baseline tend to vary depending when they happen. For another, she Awakens as a pink cybernetic echidna named Julie-Su more often than most loopers replace anyone else at all.

She also sometimes joins the Chaotix when the mood suits her, leading to her being labeled a part-time member by the team.


Fused and Variant Loops allow Loopers to gain abilities beyond what would be accepted as normal. Shade has displayed the following abilities:

  • Stealth: Shade is a trained infiltrator and stealth expert.
  • Martial Arts: Shade is an expert martial artist.
  • Blade Skills: In addition to unarmed combat, Shade is trained with bladed weapons, in particular her leech blades which steal energy from foes.
  • Demolitions Expert: Shade is an expert in explosives.
  • Transformations: Shade has picked up only one known transformation at this time.
    • Shade Woman: Shortly after Shade and the others helped get the Megaverse online, it was discovered that the events had left each of those involved with a benign glitch in their Yggdrasil code that could be tapped to transform into their Roboticized Master selves and back.
  • Subspace Pocket: An ability nearly every Looper learns, Shade can take an object and "hide it away" from the rest of the world. An item in a Subspace Pocket will remain there even if a loop resets unless the object in question is also Looping.


The Chaotix: Shade is a part-time member of the team, sometimes joining them when she's Awake and sometimes not.

Knuckles: Shade likes Knuckles and the two are dating off and on in the Loops.

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