Shining Armor
Shining Armor
Universe My Little Pony
Status Looper
Special Abilities

Shining Armor is an Equestrian Looper, the older brother of Twilight Sparkle and husband of Princess Cadance.


Shining Armor usually takes the form of a white unicorn male, with a tri-colored blue mane. He can also assume an Alicorn form.



  • Shielding magic: Shining Armor's special talent involves the generation of magical shields, which can be large and powerful enough to shield the entire Crystal Empire.
  • Subspace Pocket: Standard Looper ability, allowing the user to store objects within their soul and carry them from Loop to Loop.
  • Alicorn transformation: Shining Armor first ascended during a repeat of his wedding, when he and Cadance generated a love-fueled shield that drove the Changelings out of Equestria. Due to his having a Cosmic Spectrum pendant in his clothes at the time, this triggered his first transformation into an alicorn.


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