Sigma (Red VS Blue)
Universe Red VS Blue
Status MLE (Malicious Looping Entity)
Special Abilities Assimilation

(This Page is non-canon)

Aside from being the creative aspect of the Alpha (Church [RvB])'s personality, Sigma has shown himself to be a very cunning and manipulative A.I. whose behavior has, on multiple occasions, put his fellow A.I. fragments and other Freelancers at general unease. Using his influence over agent Maine, Sigma convinced him to become the Meta as well as hunt down his fellow Freelancers and their A.I. fragments in order to recreate the Alpha. Due to the fact that this led to the deaths of numerous Project Freelancer personnel as well as the Project's subsequent shutdown, Sigma can be considered one of the primary antagonists of the Recollections in his baseline and easily one of the most dangerous individuals overall.

Even before the events of the Recollections in his Baseline, Sigma was shown to be a very dangerous A.I. He expressed an immense interest in achieving Metastability, in which an A.I. can theoretically be 'considered human', no doubt foreshadowing his future actions. He (along with Gamma) also convinced agent Carolina (RvB) that agent Texas (RvB) was not as good of a Freelancer without Omega (RvB) (who he said was the most powerful of the A.I. fragments) and was responsible for the implantation of her two A.I. and mental breakdown, showing that he has no remorse for his former implantee. Although Sigma considers the other fragment A.I. as his "siblings", he used the Meta to have them join him willingly or not, showing Sigma is remorseless to even his own kind.

While not showing outright disobedience during his time at Project Freelancer in his Baseline, Sigma has disregarded the protocols set for A.I. units. During the battle at the Longshore Shipyards, he freely communicated with Delta despite said protocols; later when he, Gamma (RvB) and Omega (RvB) were harvesting the Alpha's personality fragments, at the Director's orders, Omega and Gamma logged off without incident while Sigma stored himself in a nearby surveillance camera to secretly witness the next phase.


Sigma's is one of the most skilled A.I. in possession compared to his 'siblings', possibly because he's two attributes instead of one. His possession greatly increases the abilities of the host and he's one of the few A.I. who can take control of them, as he was able to influence Maine into becoming the Meta. He shows he can manipulate others (such as the other A.I., the Director, and Carolina) to aid in his plans without even possessing them, using his reasoning to trick them. However, unlike the Alpha, he seems to take a longer period of time to take control of the host as Church can take control of the host within seconds.

Assimilation: Due to Kyubey's assistance, Sigma developed the ability to assimilate the abilities of anyone that is either a program or an AI into himself, gaining their skills, mental abilities, and even a copy of everything in their Pockets. However, it is not perfect as he can only use his Pocket when he is in a physical body and in control of it.


  • Leonard Church: Sigma's 'father' and the Alpha AI the AI Fragments came from. Church despises this part of him for what he's doing and what he did to innocents all in his pursuit of Metastability.
  • Kyubey: Kyubey was the first Looper Sigma met. After Kyubey informed him of the Infinite Loops, Sigma realized that his attempts to become Metastable by capturing all his 'brothers' and 'father' would be for naught. However, it made him direct himself to one idea: Becoming one with Yggdrasil. Kyubey helped Sigma develop his Assimilation power.
  • 'Mega Man X: X has issues with Sigma for what he did to Zero. When Sigma tried to take over him, he also tried to assimilate the Infinite Potential System in X. However, the attempt caused his body's current Loop's hidden Self Destruct program to activate.
  • Zero: Zero was one of the first that Sigma assimilated outside of his Loops.
  • Roll Light: Roll's first experience with a non-Looping Sigma/Meta made her weary of if she ever encountered the Looping Sigma or if, Yggdrasil forbid, he ever assimilate one of the Original Seven.


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