Squidward Tentacles
Universe Spongebob Squarepants
Status Anchor
Special Abilities Insanity tolerance

Crane Skills 'Musical Skills'

Squidward is the long suffering anchor of the Spongebob Anchor/10th circle of hell, as he describes it. 


A humanoid squid with six limbs: with four legs and two arms being made of tentacles. He has blue skin, a round head and a large nose. He is normally seen in a brown shirt.


The anchor of his reality, Squidward regularly deals with insanity the likes of which most loopers who do not share their world with Bobobo cannot begin to comprehend. So far, however, he seems to be sane. 

Seems to be, though the idea of Spongbob looping could change that. 


Artistic/ Musical Talent: ?. Squidward has an interest in music and art, but his actual skills in it is hard to gleam. One could assume a thousand million ish loops could make his skill genuine, but this requires more research. 

Subspace Pocket: Squidward, like many loopers, has a subspace pocket for storing items across time and space. 


Spongebob: The loops have NOT improved Squidward view on him.

Anakin Skywalker: Anakin has been shown to have sympathy for Squidward, suggesting a friendship. Or at least pity from the Sith's end. 

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