The Star Wars loop that occured at the onset of The Crash, this loop revealed the status of The Son as a Loop Aware Entity and created Bariss Offee as a traveling looper. This loop also leads to Anakin forgiving Bariss fully for her canon actions.

Summary Edit

Starting with Anakin waking up in a loop taking place during The Clone Wars season 5 finale, he immediately seeks out Bariss, whom would, normally, be responsible for his apprentices current fugitive status.

However, after confronting her and forcefully reading her mind, he comes to realize that she is innocent of it all, while unintentionally revealing the loops to her from his own memories. While explaining to her, they go off in search for Ahsoka.

They find her being attacked by The Son, the living embodiment of the Dark Side. Discovering his loop aware status, Anakin and Bariss struggle in fighting him.

Briefly overpowering Anakin, the Son makes to kill Ahsoka, but Bariss stands in his way. While the Son questions why she would protect Ahsoka, despite knowing as a looper her death would mean nothing in the long term, Bariss states her desire to not become her baseline self. Amused, he stabs her with his electrified hand, but is soon after defeated by Anakin's Shikai.

As she lays dying, Bariss apologizes for her baseline self's actions, but Anakin tells her she has nothing to be sorry for. Smiling, Bariss dies, just as reality itself breaks from the Crash.

Meanwhile in Admin Space, an error message pops up, just as Bariss wakes up in another world, bearing witness to a titanic duel of monsters.

Awake Loopers Edit

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