Also known as the Star Wars Looper Holiday Special, and known for the first reappearance of Madoka looper Sayaka Miki, beginning a overarching plotline about their return. It is also the first appearance of the Star Wars administrator, Nut.

Summary Edit

Following it's introduction, Christmas has sprung up across the galaxy like wildlife. The Star Wars loopers, mostly Original Trilogy ones, are planning to celebrate it with glee, when Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader arrives to join the festivities, bribing his way in with Ham (Which a pregnant Mara Jade was craving).

Various fluff and comedy ensues.

The later half becomes more plot heavy, with Darth Vader returning to his residence via a subway as he catches up on his reading, when a blue haired girl appears to him and briefly talks to him, before vanishing once again.

Awake Loopers Edit

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