The Starcraft Universe is confirmed as looping.

Starcraft SC1 Cover1
In Universe Attributes
Anchor Jim Raynor
Admin Hestia (Unconfirmed)
Special Attributes Unsafe Combat Loop
Real World Information


James Eugene "Jim" Raynor - Jim is the Anchor of the Starcraft loop.

Zeratul - Leader (usually) of the Protoss Dark Templar

Sarah Kerrigan - The Queen of Blades, Still angry but doing better, Still one of the more dangerous Local Loopers, Awake or otherwise.

Mathew "Matt" Horner - Jim's Second-in-command, and captain of the Raynor's Raiders' flagship Hyperion.

Tychus Findlay - Ex-Convict, member of Raynor's Raiders, answers only to Jim, enjoys overwhelming firepower.


The Starcraft Baseline, which last a roughly 6 years, give or take a few months, is a very Violent and looper unfriendly loop. Unless one loops in very close to one of the local loopers.


The most prominent danger to all loopers is the Overmind and its zerg. As the Zerg Overmind is not in full control of it's races actions, due to the actions of a 'fallen' Xel'Naga, Amon. If Kerrigan (or another looper in her place) is awake, the Overmind is Loop-aware.

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