While the Infinite Loops include many one-shot stories, they also have a growing continuity, and occasionally feature story arcs spanning many individual story segments (over one loop or many). This page indexes those story arcs, for convenient re-reading.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is MagicEdit

Being the longest of the Loops in terms of what has been written about it, it goes without saying that MLP has gained the most amount of Story Arcs created thus far.

Academic Excellence Edit

Rainbow Dash trains and leads the rest of her Wonderbolts Academy class, and tries to redeem Lightning Dust. Major character development for Rainbow Dash, firmly breaking several stereotypes of her character.

Loops 23.9, 25.3, 27.8, and 31.4.

X-Communication Edit

Twilight teleports to Earth in the X-Com universe, refuses to become a test subject, and tries to convince humanity that not all aliens are evil or hostile.

Alicorn Ascensions and Elements of Harmony Edit

Many of the looping ponies have ascended to alicorn in a loop, by doing something to exemplify their Element or their strongest characteristic. Many ponies other than the Mane Six have established an affinity for an Element of Harmony, as well.


Classic Activation (Loop 1.0)Edit

The very act of getting the Classic Megaman part of the universe Looping, which ended up being a long and arduous task that resulted in all three potential Anchor candidates being traumatized in some way, and even documented the events that occurred to cause The Crash.

Mega SonicEdit

In the wake of the Classic Activation, Hermes requested (for various reasons) Hephaestus to code up a fused Loop scenario that would help strengthen the bond between their respective Anchors. The resulting scenario had Rock serving as an early counter to Dr. Eggman and a 'big brother' figure to an Unawake child Sonic before he Awoke later. The events so far have expanded on the personalities of several Sonicverse loopers, created a long-running rivalry between Eggman and Wily, established how serious a threat Waltz can become if left to her own devices, revealed Jet the Hawk to be a looper, and poked at the mystery that is Joe.

My Mega PonyEdit

The first fused Loop between the Megaverse and Equestria, and set shortly after the events of Filli Vanilli were added to Equestria's Loop expansions. The earth ponies Bright Light and Wily Plan made immense strides in magical study and emulation through technology, culminating in the creation of sapient pony-style robots that were so much like real ponies that they could even earn their own cutie marks. Of course, that was before Nightmare Moon returned and in the aftermath of her cleansing into Luna, Dr. Wily Plan seemingly got affected a similar force and began to try and take over Equestria. Time will tell if Equestria's reputation for friendship and redemption can match up to Wily's pride and ego, or the Megaverse's penchant for sowing conflict among otherwise peaceful cultures.



A Mega HalloweenEdit

Roll shows up to the hospital one Halloween to tell the children being kept there a spooky tale of a Halloween invasion by a group of robots calling themselves the Fear Masters. The only thing known at this point is that Dr. Wily isn't behind this one...

Battle Network ActivationEdit

In the wake of success getting the Classic, X, and Zero sections online, Hephaestus is setting his sights on starting work on the other major timeline in the Megaverse. But in addition to trying to reconcile two (and at times more) equally valid potential baselines, he also has to deal with the *ahem* 'aid' of his lazy beach-bum brother Apollo...

Sly CooperEdit

Gang In TimeEdit

A loop where Sly Cooper left behind personalized Cooper Canes for the other six members of the Cooper Gang (Murray, Bently, The Guru, Penelope, The Panda King,and Dimetri) after the Cooper vault Job. This leads Le Paradox recruiting more help for his time travel scheme when compared to Baseline, requiring the gang to split up to contain it in time.

Blue Exorcist Edit

Kyubey ArcEdit

A three part series detailing a loop where Kyubey finds his way into the Blue Exorcist loops and contracts with Rin and Yukio's friend Shiemi. 

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