Taylor Hebert/Skitter
Skitter by cactusfantastico-d80jqqe
Universe Worm Multiverse
Status Anchor
Special Abilities Control over bugs in a limited range

Control over Tyranids in effectively unlimited range

Superhuman multitasking

Tyranid psychic powers

Potterverse and D&D magic

The Force

Extra Notes Worm Loops are now canon

Taylor Hebert, also known as Skitter, Weaver, and Khepri, is a parahuman from the Wormverse and serves its Anchor.

NON-CANONICITY NOTICE: Many of the snips involving the Worm universe (save for a few Fused Loops) are considered non-canon to the Loops at large due to things like Taylor being declared her universe's Admin in addition to being the Anchor, states which are mutually exclusive in the setting.

Note: It has now be rebooted to fit the proper canon and thus, this entire page is subject to being rewritten.


Taylor is a relatively-tall, rail-thin 15 year old girl with long, dark curly hair.

As Skitter:

Her costume consists of a black-and-grey bodysuit made out of spider silk with armor panels made out of shells and exoskeletons augmented with more silk. Her mask has sections of armor imitating mandibles covering her jaw and dull yellow lenses (taken from a pair of goggles) that incorporate lenses from a spare pair of glasses. Her mask leaves the back of her head uncovered and her hair free to fly behind her.

As Weaver:

Her costume is similar to the Skitter costume, but with a light grey bodysuit and dark blue armor sections. The mantle around her shoulders and the cloth hanging from her belt are marked with electric blue with the Undersiders' emblem in miniature at each corner, flipped upside down so that they face upwards. She has a flight pack in her costume's colors with four retractable wings and a pair of mechanical arms.

As Khepri: Edit

Her costume consists of a black bodysuit with white armor panels, and her mask has white lenses. This suit makes use of pieces from both her Skitter and Weaver costumes, and it retains the flight pack she first used as Weaver.

She has also been known to use different costumes under different names if the loop she's in grants her an alternate power.


In her original loop, during the last moments of her possessing a connection with the Queen's Administrator shard, she temporarily gained Admin Rights from the Yggdrasil program and started her own loop after expressing her desire for another chance to fix all her mistakes.

After multiple loops she eventually meets Belldandy, Urd, and Skuld, where they inform her of her unique status and the circumstances surrounding her multiverse's creation.

Worm has been rebooted as to follow the set canon and be a part of the Looping Community. Proper history is soon to come.

Abilities Edit

Bug Control: Taylor has demonstrated absolute control over all "bugs" (mainly arthropods, but also worms and some others) within a limited range. In baseline, this range was around 6 blocks (some 1800 ft.), but it has been gradually expanding as the loops continue. The synapse creatures in Taylor's swarm of Tyranids have been modified to act as relay bugs, extending her control to an area around them.

Since loopers are only allowed to hold one shard-based power at a time, Taylor's bug control is occasionally replaced by other powers during altpower variant loops, though it will always default back to bug control outside of such variants.

Multitasking: As a legacy of her link to the Queen Administrator shard, Taylor has the ability to receive information from and send commands to every individual in her swarm simultaneously and without effort.

High Pain Tolerance: After the events in her original loop, Taylor builds up a ridiculously high level of tolerance for pain; to the point where being bisected at the waist is only a minor inconvenience (aside from the bleeding and organ failure).

Subspace Pocket: Taylor was taught to use her subspace pocket by Ciaphas Cain of the Warhammer 40k loops, who was also the first other looper she encountered.

Tyranid Psychic Abilities: After her first fused loop as a Tyranid Norn Queen, Taylor retained all of the psychic abilities available to Tyranid ground troops, as well as several others including invisibility, regeneration, and the space warping the Tyranids use for FTL travel (which she can use for personal teleportation). She also kept her psychic presence as the Hive Mind of the Tyranid swarm, giving her complete control of all Tyranids within a theoretically intergalactic range, though Norn Queens have shown the ability to contest her control.

Magic: Taylor knows the standard array of spells from the Hogwarts Loops. She has also learned a wide variety of arcane spells from the D&D Loops, and may have gained the ability to cast some Cleric spells from that universe as well, though this has yet to be confirmed.

The Force: Having looped in in place of Anakin Skywalker in the Star Wars Loops, Taylor can use the Force, and she tends to make constant use of it alongside her various sensory abilities and psychic powers as a way of guiding and enhancing her movements.

Swordsmanship: Using an aggressive swordfighting style refined by the Tyranids over millions of years and adapted for use by a human body, Taylor is a supremely skilled sword wielder, and is perhaps even better using two swords than she is with just one.

Relationships Edit

  • Ciaphas Cain: Ciaphas Cain was the first other looper Taylor encountered, and was the one to explain the loops to her and inform her that she was not, in fact, in some sort of horrible punishment afterlife. Taylor and Ciaphas spent the remaining two centuries of that loop working together. As a result, Taylor considers Ciaphas to be a trusted ally, and possibly a friend. Ciaphas thinks of her as a friend in turn, though he's also somewhat terrified of her.

References Edit

Spacebattle's Worm Loop's page. Information on the Worm multiverse's origin is also included on this page.

As of now, Worm has moved to the now canon thread.

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