The Anchor of the Loop known as either the Esper Loop or the Warring Triad Loop

Terra Branford
Universe Final Fantasy VI
Status Anchor
Special Abilities Magic

Appearance Edit

Terra has green hair tied up in a ponytail. She wears a red dress with a purple sash around her waist.

History Edit

When the Loops first started she wondered if this was some last laugh of Kefka's, but she discarded that theory after her first death. Kefka wanted to destroy everything and the time loops made that impossible. When she ended up in Pallet she was very confused, but importantly Professor Oak was able to explain everything.

Abilities Edit

  • Magic: Knows just about every spell from the Final Fantasy Loops, including Ultima.

Relationships Edit

  • Celes Chere: They are long time friends.
  • Maduin: One good part of the Loops for Terra is that she is able to talk to her father.
  • Eiko: Terra has no problems with being her 'big sister'

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