Trixie Lulamoon
Universe My Little Pony
Status Looper
Special Abilities

Trixie Lulamoon is an Equestrian looper.


Trixie is usually a blue unicorn with a two-toned light blue mane. She can also assume Alicorn form.


In baseline, Trixie was a traveling showmare whose first visit to Ponyville ended disastrously when two not-very-bright fancolts of hers lured an Ursa Minor to Ponyville under the impression that she could defeat it. She was unable to, and Twilight Sparkle ended up needing to step in and pacify the Ursa Minor.

Trixie's life did not take a good turn after that, and she blamed Twilight for her misfortunes. She returned to Ponyville to try to best Twilight in a magic duel, amplifying her magic with the Alicorn Amulet, which turned her evil. After Twilight tricked her into removing the amulet, she apologized and left once more.

In the early Equestria loops, Twilight attempted to befriend Trixie before the Ursa Major fiasco could happen. This eventually worked, allowing Trixie to loop. She gained her alicorn form in a loop wherein she soloed Nightmare Moon using her talent for illusions and tricks.

Trixie became interested in all manner of explosions, and used the loop to perfect the art, which tended to result in Eiken loops when she took things too far. She also became Chrysalis's marefriend after the changeling queen dated her in an attempt to get over her love for Shining Armor, though the two have agreed that they do not wish to get married.

Recently Trixie has begun moving away from explosions and back to her showmare roots after a Muppet Show loop.


  • Stage Magic: Trixie's special talent is illusion and presentation, giving her incredible skill at theatrics.
  • Subspace Pocket: Standard Looper ability, allowing the user to store objects within their soul and carry them from Loop to Loop.
  • Alicorn transformation: During an early loop, Trixie defeated Nightmare Moon on her own by using her flair for misdirection, razzle-dazzle, illusions, and cheap shots, backed by her Intelligent Device. This granted her the ability to transform into an alicorn.
  • Element of Magic: Earned during an early Loop when she and Twilight were both Princess Celestia's students.


  • Twilight Sparkle: Originally viewing the other unicorn as a rival, Trixie became her friend in multiple Loops, which led to her Awakening. The two have become close friends since then.
  • Chrysalis: Trixie's marefriend.