Wonder Woman / Diana Prince
Universe DC Comics
Status Looper (former Anchor Candidate)
Special Abilities Super strength

Super speed Flight

Wonder Woman is a Looper from the DC Comics Loop. She is a princess of the mystical island of Themyscara, a suphero, and member of the Justice League of America. In her Loop she is considered the premier super-heroine, on equal standing with Superman and Batman.


Wonder Woman is a tall, dark-haired human female, of Caucasian skin colour with blue eyes. Her typical outfit is a primarily red shirt, with a gold trim on the breast, with a star-spangled undergarment (either a skirt or simple underwear, depending on the Loop). She also wears a golden tiara, and silver bracelets on her arms, and bright red boots (heels also depending on the Loop).


Wonder Woman was Morpheus' second choice for Anchor of her home Loops. However, complications arose rendering her unsuitable for Anchor material.

Exactly when Wonder Woman began Looping properly is unknown, as her appearances outside her home Loop so far have been undocumented. However in all likelihood it was early on.


God-granted gifts: Diana has several abilities granted to her by the Gods that gave her life, including strength, speed, and flight.

Lasso of Truth: An unbreakable lasso capable of compelling those it comes into contact with to tell the truth.

Amazonian training: Like all Amazonians, Diana is trained in all manner of combat techniques, and highly skilled with a sword.


Other Loopers from own universe: Diana gets on well with all other known DC Loopers, due to her compassionate and friendly nature.

Other Loopers in general: Exactly what relationships Diana has with other Loopers is undocumented at this point.

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