Original loops started by Taron, now considered non-canon. Canon loops reboot started by Heliomance.

Warning! Spoilers for Worm below this point! Edit

Loopers Edit

  • Taylor Hebert - The Anchor of the Worm multiverse.
  • Lisa Wilbourne/Tattletale - Close friend of Taylor Hebert. A blonde human teenager with superhuman intuition.
  • Colin Wallis/Armsmaster - Adult human hero with the ability to create highly advanced technology.
  • Rachel Lindt/Bitch - Close friend of Taylor Hebert. Teenager with the ability to make dogs temporarily mutate and grow to the size of small cars.
  • Brian Laborn/Grue - Older teenager with the ability to create clouds of darkness that block all radiation and muffle senses.
  • Aisha Laborn/Imp - Teenager with the ability to temporarily erase herself from the memory of those around her, effectively granting her invisibility.
  • Alec Vasil/Regent - Teenager with limited ability to manipulate nervous systems at range.
  • Tess Theresa Richter/Dragon - Human-like AI with the ability to reverse-engineer and copy technology created by other parahumans.

Baseline Duration Edit

Two and a half years, starting in January of 2011 and ending on June 24, 2013. Has since experienced an extension of roughly six months past the endpoint, so most loops end around December 2013. Can occasionally last for 15.5 years rather than 3.

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