Universe Star Wars (Prequel and Original Trilogies)
Status Looper
Special Abilities Force Powers

Wisdom Swordsmanship

Yoda is a former Stealth Looper, turned regular looper from the Galaxy Far Far Away.


Yoda is a alien species, the name and origin of which is unknown to all, even loopers. He is a small, green being with large ears and three toed feet, with very little hair. 


Yoda began looping early on, but played it stealth wise for a lengthy period of time due to distrust of Anakin Skywalker, the former Darth Vader. He uses the frequent periods of isolation he would have in baseline to master many abilities, and observed many famous Star Wars looping events, such as the Death Star conflict and the Party Star. Later on, Yoda was discovered to be looping by Gendo Ikari, but the rare lack of antagonism incited Gendo to keep Yoda's secret. The validity of this was called into question upon future questioning and it is likely that Gendo simply lied about the matter. 

He was officially discovered as a looper by Obi-Wan Kenobi, after which his existence became known to the looping general public. 


Force Powers: His wisdom and length periods of training have allowed Yoda to obtain great force powers, allowing for great telekinetic and sensory feats. 

Stand: Yoda possesses a Stand, a Blue-Hulk esc version of himself known as Asteroid Blues. Asteroid Blues is capable of smashing Sith Lords with its bare hands. 

Subspace Pocket: Yoda possesses a Subspace Pocket, though how he learned is unknown. 


Obi-Wan Kenobi; The one who discovered him, the two get along fairly well. 

Anakin Skywalker : Anakin has issues with looping Yoda due to baseline frustrations amplified across the loops. However, he has begun to see eye to eye with the looping Yoda a bit more, who in turn acknowledges Anakin's efforts to better himself in the loops, though his methods still displease Yoda. 

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