Yugi Muto
Universe Yu-Gi-Oh
Status Co-Anchor (With Atem)
Special Abilities Dueling Skills

Game skills Duel Spirit Sight

Yugi Muto is the co-anchor of the earliest part of the Yu-Gi-Oh loops, along with his alter ego Yami Yugi/Atem/The Pharaoh. 


Like all Yu-Gi-Oh anchors, Yugi has spiky, multi colored hair, in this case red, black and yellow. He is physically the shortest anchor in the Yu-Gi-Oh loops, and is generally seen in either blue or black clothing. He generally wears a pyramid shaped pendant, the Millennium Puzzle, which houses Yami Yugi's spirit. 


The exact period when Yugi began to loop is unknown, though he was not reported in the original looping era. As the anchor of the first age of dueling, Yugi's actions often have ramifications down the looping line to the times of his fellow anchors Jaden, Yusei and Yuma. 


Dueling Skills: Yugi is a skilled duelist, and is generally agreed to be the most skilled of the Yu-Gi-Oh loopers. He doesn't particularly specialize in a summoning field, but is proficient in Ritual and Fusion summons, and has been known to use Number XYZ monsters such as Silent Guardian and Zombiestein and Synchro Monsters.

Duel Spirit Awareness: Yugi is able to sense and interact with duel spirits. 

Subspace Pocket: Yugi, like all loopers, has a subspace pocket. It is said to contain warehouses filled with duel monster cards.


Yami Yugi/ The Pharoah/ Atem: Yugi's co-partner and friend, the two get along rather well. 

Joey Wheeler: Joey is Yugi's best friend. 

Tristain Taylor and Tea Gardner: They are Yugi's friends and are very close to him. 

Seto Kaiba: Yugi's main rival, Yugi being generally more friendly to Kaiba than Kaiba is to him. 

Other Duel Anchors and Loopers. Yugi gets along well with fellow anchors Jaden, Yusei and Yuma , and is friendly with other dueling loopers, such as Kite, Jack Atlas and Akiza. 

Paradox: Like other Yu-Gi-Oh loopers, Yugi opposes Paradox's actions.

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