Yukio Okumura
Yukio Okumura
Universe Blue Exorcist
Status Looper
Special Abilities Sharp Shooting

Exorcism 'Demonic Potential'

Yukio Okumura is the twin brother of anchor Rin Okumura, and a high ranked exorcist.

Appearance Edit

Yukio looks similar to his brother, with dark hair, blue eyes and a similar build. However, Yukio's hair is brown, and he does not generally have demonic features. 


Yukio was the first non Anchor to wake up in the Blue Exorcist loops, sharing confusion in their situation until their encounter with Akiza Izinski cleared up what had happened to them, though it took a pair of Hogwarts loops to have the lesson fully sink in. 

After several loops, he became one of the first loopers to encounter the looping Sith Raptor Velocitious, along with Rin.

After a series of loops in which they are joined as loopers by Mephisto and Kuro, the brothers found themselves at a series of crossroads. One of their friends pre-loop, Shima, was revealed to be a traitor, and the MLE Kyubey appeared in their loop, contracting their friends Izumo and Shiemi. Izumo was turned into a witch, and Kyubey set up a fight between Magical Girl Shiemi and a Hollow Possessed Rin. To resolve this, Yukio was forced to crash the loop by killing Rin. 


Exorcist: Having been trained in baseline as a exorcist years before his brother ever found out, Yukio was highly skilled in this field, even managing to become his brother's teacher. The loops have further highlighted these skills. 

Gunsmanship: Yukio primarily fights with firearms. His main weapons are his twin pistols, though he does possess a copy of Agent Coulson's 'God Buster' blaster. 

Magic: Having looped into Hogwarts, Yukio possesses the ability to perform Hogwarts esc type magic. 

Bleachverse abilities: Yukio commented that he was there where Rin got his Hollow, suggesting he obtained a native ability. This was not elaborated further. 

Subspace Pocket: Yukio, like most loopers, has a subspace pocket. 


Rin Okumura: His world's anchor and twin brother, Yukio loves his brother. However, recently just as in baseline, Yukio has begun to resent his brother's freedom and happiness. 

Harry Potter: Yukio is highly respectful towards the Original Seven member. 

Kyubey: Like his brother, Yukio does not like Kyubey. Kyubey calling out his issues with his brother further proved this. 

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